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Our Philosophy

We at Evolve strive to empower people with eating disorders by providing the tools, support and skills necessary to evolve and reclaim their life. We address the core issues that drive the eating disorder with innovative evidence based treatments which help people live a fulfilled life, free from clutches of food, body and weight preoccupations.

Treatment Team

Licensed Masters level or PhD level primary counselors

Registered Dietitians

Experiential Therapist (Yoga, Art, Psychodrama)

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Healing Together




Evolve is the vision of two women who believe that

a complete and full recovery is possible to everyone who struggles with an eating disorder. We work to restore hope to individuals with an eating disorder by addressing the whole person; mind body and spirit.  Our goal is to provide a nurturing and healing environment to explore,
understand and address the root causes of the eating disorder so that you can have lifelong freedom. Evolve offers the most comprehensive individual, family
and group therapy, individual nutritional counseling, a variety of experiential therapies by our experienced team of counselors and dietitians. We believe that everyone can have a healthy relationship with food, themselves and others.

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